CTCNet & America Connects Consortium

From 2000-2005, ACC provided training, evaluation, resource development, and research to CTCs funded through the federal CTC program. CTCNet served as a key partner, hosting online panels and coordinating regional meetings across the country, extending the work to our national network of CTCs.

From 2000-2005, CTCNet’s participation included:

Email Lists. Hosting two (2) national and thirty-five (35) regional email lists. The national list had more than 1400 subscribers connecting CTCs together throughout the U.S.
Online Panels. Organizing 19 on-line panel discussions. These on-line conversations took the structure of a traditional conference panel. CTCNet recruited experts and practitioners in each subject category to specifically discuss their experiences with the panel topics. Additionally, we relied upon the expertise of the entire membership to explore new solutions and together, through thoughtful discussion, strengthen our programs. The archives and summary discussions are available here.
Regional Meetings. Organizing and coordinating 30 regional meetings throughout the country. The goals of these meetings were: growth of relationships among CTC stakeholders; focus on regional accomplishments and issues; networking; cross-sector engagement; sharing best practices and field innovations – and the inclusion of many types of CTCs, with an emphasis on the involvement of Department of Education Grantees.