Installation of Dog Fence Wire

Installation of Dog Fence Wire

Before an invisible fence is installed underground, yard underground pipes and power lines must be marked and located. The installation of your invisible fence depends on how quickly local utility company personnel’s act in marking your property.

Dog fence wire is better than electrical fence because it does not bring harm to your pet. The only problem is that you have t place your unit controller in safe place where your dog cannot dig it. Good quality amazon  invisible fence wire is recommended for larger or for properties where most of the wire will be exposed to heavy sunlight.
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Dog fence wire is more effective that electric fence dog, sometimes if the power runs out electric fence dog fails to function but with the use of invisible dog fence if the power runs out the back up battery is still enough to make the invisible fence work.

The invisible fence controller unit is usually installed in a basement or garaged near an existing wall outlet. Computerized controller units are highly reliable in preventing random shocks interface from fields of electrical strays. The unit controller is connected to the power line pipes buried underground your yard providing radio wave transmission to your dogs correction collar.


An electric dog fence can be a great solution, but many risk factors with owning one of these systems exist. Groups like PETA are strict opponents of these types of fencing and believe them to be harsh unfair punishment devices.

For people living near a lake the unit controller is commonly placed underwater to prevent your pet from digging the controller. Most of the dogs have a habitual escape characteristic so it’s best to set up an invisible dog fence wire around the perimeter of the traditional fence. People with swimming pools in their yards can put a dog fence wire around the perimeter of the pool to keep your dog from swimming on your pool, remember that sometimes dogs love to take a little swim.
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In some cases if the previous owner of your new house has left a dog fence wire invisible fence system you can use that existing system. Providing that you have a company representative that will check if that existing system still works, if that so all you have to do is to purchase a dog collar for your dog. But these only happen in rarity because most home owners take the invisible fence system with them when they move. Click here to find more information about installing your very own dog fencing system.