Target Stubborn Belly Fat with Meratrim

Meratrim is a combination of herbs blended together, which has been proven by clinical trails to be an effective weight loss supplement. With no adverse health effects and even a holistic appeal to health, it calls for people to acknowledge it’s not just another empty promise from weight loss supplements. This isn’t a get skinny quick wonder pill, but simply a natural herbal blend that is effective in reducing the accumulation of fatty cells in the body.
In an independent study conducted by the nutrition department of the University of California and funded by InterHealth Neutraceuticals, which hold the license for the supplement, professors concluded their finding to suggest it’s an effective ingredient for weight management.

The herbs that make-up the supplement come from flowers of the East Indian globe thistle, and the rind of the purple mangosteen. Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana are the ingredients which appeared to have the greatest affect on reducing fat cells. InterHealth vice president of research and development, Dr. James Lugo provided clarity when he said, “We’re not saying Meratrim is a magic bullet, but we believe it can help people achieve a lifestyle that includes healthy weight, exercise, and a good diet.”

While American consumers spend near two billion dollars every year on weight loss supplements, another one on the market is hard to get excited about. This herbal supplement isn’t promising results that are hard to believe, but rather results that are honestly effective and without side effects. The patients in the test group for the study actually reported a holistic improvement on their health, as well as losing three to four times the amount of weight as the placebo group. It’s important to keep in mind, that exercise and eating right are key elements for anyone who is wishing to loose weight and become more healthy in everyday living.

Some retail supplement companies are starting to sell this new product. It’s important to read the labels on these products and see what companies are adding to them. Some are adding coffee and tea extracts, so they will contain caffeine. Meratrim doesn’t contain any caffeine itself, so be aware of what is included in the ingredients. This product has been proven effective and without side affects for weight loss, so giving it a try may mean some people find the answer to what they’ve been looking for.